About Us

All of us at emailmagnet form part of a successful marketing data management team that takes pride in enhancing businesses both large and small. It’s this exacting experience of analysing and using marketing data that make email magnet the team to believe in as we know businesses deserve access to an effective email marketing campaign they can manage with ease.

Now email magnet provide self-service email marketing solutions for many businesses, giving complete support throughout we pride ourselves on providing an effortless service that is simple to use.

Simple Pricing Structure – No hidden costs

Customers adore the flexibility of options and packages giving them the tools to either manage their own designs or the option to hand over the hard work to us. We are passionate about helping you to produce marketing campaigns that work, as we believe your business deserves an email campaign that attracts your customers like a magnet!

Our aim is to ensure that you boost your profits through your email marketing, allowing you to reap the rewards knowing your product or service is in great hands.

No Added Extras

With no additional software to install and no expensive systems to update, formulating an effective email marketing campaign is simple and affordable with us. Not only do we offer budget solutions, we also have an array of packages making sure you concentrate on making money rather than spending it.

Our platform allows us to bring you in depth statistics from the results of your campaign, making sure you see a return on your small investment that promises to delight.

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Contact us now to see how we can make sure your business, or that of your clients, receives the boost it deserves.