Tips on Creating a Stunning E-Newsletter

Most online businesses understand the importance of the newsletter as when created with the customer in mind it is an invaluable tool as an extension of your marketing campaign. A bad newsletter will be relegated to spam or unsubscribed from, whereas a good newsletter will entice the reader to your website to buy your product or service. Some newsletters even encourage recipients to share as they find the contents fulfilling and believe their friends should be allowed access to the information. If social networking is involved this can expand your viral reach by millions making it even more important that you don’t underestimate the effect your email could have.

Here are some tips on creating a newsletter that not only gets noticed but pulls your customers in, increasing your traffic and more importantly your sales.

Grab Attention with your Header

This is the most difficult part of creating your newsletter, as many people will not even open the email if they consider it to be spam. With emailmagnets features you can analyse the actions of your target audience making sure your header appeals to the individual rather than the mass market. If your newsletter has benefits for the reader they’re more likely to read, such as 50% off their favourite brands or free consultations for a limited time only. Some people appeal to the psychology of the reader with headings that elicit curiosity making the recipient want to read more, this can be news, views or free tips and advice, such as for a clothing store, “the best dresses to hide wider hips”.

Keep it Current

Remember to keep your newsletter up to date either with the global or local news, or with your business. An email about your relocation of offices will not entice the reader as online shoppers are unlikely to be affected by this change; no matter how time consuming it was for your business!

However, if the change is a signal of your success and you’re having a sale to celebrate, or you can now add more products to your line, then this will be of benefit to your customers.

Assessing the online news can also help, seeing what celebrities’ people are searching for; who is trending in twitter, what stories are making the news, as you can use these to your advantage knowing that interest is already high. Such as, “Dress like Kate Middleton for under £20”.

Keep it Personal

It’s impossible to make every email as individual as the people you’re trying to target, however with emailmagnet’s reports you can adapt content to match your customer’s behaviour. By assessing what peaks their interest and entices them to click you can separate your email campaigns into groups making them tailored to your audience. Running three or four email campaigns simultaneously according to reader demographic will allow that personal touch based on age, tastes, location and budgets.

Keep it Concise

A good copywriter uses words carefully so as not to bore the reader and it’s worth noting that many scan a newsletter rather than reading as if they would a magazine. Keeping the message clear and concise will allow your marketing message to hit home instantly, instead of being relegated to spam just because your customer simply hasn’t the time.